WATCH: Here’s What the Sun Is Actually Doing to Your Skin

Don’t forget your Sunblock People!!!


Nearly every living thing on the Earth depends on the Sun—directly or indirectly—for its survival. But for humans, exposure to the sun can also exact a cost: Stay outside too long (or beneath the rays of a tanning bed, as the case may be), and you run the very real risk of developing wrinkles, liver spots, and even skin cancer.

Damage is caused by ultraviolet rays, which lie outside of our visual spectrum; some creatures—as different as bees, reindeer, and salmon—can perceive them, meaning that they see the world much differently than we do. We do, however, have the technology to see the world in UV, and one inventive videographer took to the streets to show ordinary people what their skin really looked like.

“We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already,” Thomas Leveritt wrote on…

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17 Unconventional Occasions We Should Start Celebrating

I would love to start celebrating these 17 occasions!

Thought Catalog

There are only a few things we celebrate as adults, and most of them have something to do with either birth or marriage — neither of which we have sole control over. Those things are exciting and noteable and life-changing and absolutely worth celebrating, no doubt. But there are countless other fantastic things worth acknowledging as well. It’s not to say you should throw a $50K celebration over getting through the work week, but that there is more to life worth being happy about, and celebrating with friends even, than just what society has deemed so.

1. Promotions. It’s more than a new job, it’s a step up on the ladder, one that you worked your ass off for. Getting promoted at work is the acknowledgment that you’re not only someone seen as suitable to lead, but that you’ve proven yourself and your commitment to a company and you deserve to revel in…

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Date A Guy With Crohn’s Disease

I love this post!


Crohn’s Disease (and/or Colitis) is a chronic, incurable, immune-related disease that eats its way around your colon and small intestine. Your immune system (for some reason) starts attacking that area causing massive weight loss, painful cramps, internal bleeding, loss of energy/cognitive thinking ability, and frequent trips to the bathroom. To top it all off, Doctors don’t know what causes it or how to cure it.

But amidst all of that chaos, Crohn’s has a bright side.

I’m a big believer in making your situations work for you to the best they can. We too often let our attitudes be reflections of a situation, when really; we should be cultivating powerful attitudes to change the situations we’re in for the better. It takes a lot of guts (pun intended) for someone with Crohn’s to see the bright side of what they have, so let’s hope this can act as some sort…

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6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Anxiety

Amen Sister!!

Thought Catalog

Anxiety needs a new perspective to the population, it’s not just worry, fear, or feeling scared. I’m almost scared to tell people that I have anxiety in fear to get a lecture on how to deal with it or get over it about coming from a person who probably has no factual information on this disorder or has ever been through. Next time you meet someone with anxiety, try to remember that it’s not something someone has any large control over — and if we could have our way, we wouldn’t even have anxiety in the first place.

1. “It’s all in your head.”

I hear this almost daily from relatives, friends, onlookers, and readers. No, it’s not all in the head — in fact, only part of it is mental. Anxiety deals with physical well-being as well and most of the time makes you physically ill. It stops us from…

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