6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Anxiety

Amen Sister!!

Thought Catalog

Anxiety needs a new perspective to the population, it’s not just worry, fear, or feeling scared. I’m almost scared to tell people that I have anxiety in fear to get a lecture on how to deal with it or get over it about coming from a person who probably has no factual information on this disorder or has ever been through. Next time you meet someone with anxiety, try to remember that it’s not something someone has any large control over — and if we could have our way, we wouldn’t even have anxiety in the first place.

1. “It’s all in your head.”

I hear this almost daily from relatives, friends, onlookers, and readers. No, it’s not all in the head — in fact, only part of it is mental. Anxiety deals with physical well-being as well and most of the time makes you physically ill. It stops us from…

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